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Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, an American 1998 Animated romantic film. It had a 1994 animated feature movie, The Lion-King. Basically, the movie story took place in Lion’s kingdom, in Africa. As well as it had influenced by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

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The movie lion-king 2 produced by WDVP (Walt Disney Video Premier) and WDAA (Walt Disney Animation Australia). It had released on 27th October 1998.

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The Lion King is one of Disney Studio’s most popular and cherished properties. It premiered in 1994 and quickly became the highest-grossing animated film at the time. Later, it adapted into an award-winning stage play a straight to video sequel and spin-off a 2015 series. And, most recently, a lifelike CGI remake that released later this year.

Lion king real-life story

Although the original film garnered great praise. it also garnered accusations of plagiarism. Most famously being compared to the 1965 Japanese animated series “Kimba”. The White Lion based on Osamu Tezuka is a manga Jungle Emperor. Both stories follow a young lion cub who’s forced into exile after their father The Lion King is killed.

But, returns later to reclaim their throne by facing off with an evil lion who happens to have a prominent scar in both versions. Not to mention there are a bunch of other similarities. Perhaps, these accusations are valid, or perhaps both stories draw inspiration from a much older story of an African Lion King who was exiled in his youth only to reclaim his throne years later.

Part of the reason the lion kings origins are in question has to do with the film being touted as Disney’s first original story for an animated feature rather than the usual adaptation of an existing fairy tale or folk tale to go over a few of Disney’s animated features that led up to the Lion-King there was the Little Mermaid in 1989, based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale Beauty and the Beast in 1991, based on the fairy tale by Madame de Villeneuve, and Aladdin in 1992, based on 1001 nights, the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales.

Disney’s Film Decision

After adapting these established stories, Disney decided to develop a film that was set for the first time in the rich culture and history of Africa. Except it was an original story loosely inspired by Hamlet and the Bible seems a bit odd doesn’t! it’s understandable why the accusations of plagiarism or at least rip off ism exist, But the point of this video is not to prove or disprove the accusations.

The point of this video is to explore parallels in the Lion King story with a true ancient African tale. In other words, to see how African the story of The Lion-King really is. As it turns out, the story of The Lion-King is similar to a long-established story of a true African king called The Epic of Sundiata.

Sundiata Kata is a real historical figure who founded the Mali Empire, one of the greatest and wealthiest African empires in history, which existed from 1230 to 1670 ad in what is today the Republic of Mali and several other West African countries. The Epic of Sundiata is an epic poem that tells the story of Sundiata Kaito’s origins and how he created his empire. The poem passed down through oral tradition told by poets, musicians and historians of the Mandinka people called griots.

Lion King Story Determination

As the case with all histories passed down orally, it difficult to determine what parts of the story based on historical facts and what parts are fabrications for the sake of art. However, the existence of symbiotic confirmed by a number of different sources, including Arabic historians who traveled to the Mali Empire during its reign.

In the end, it may not matter how much of the story is true or untrue because as is also the case with all stories passed down orally, the story over time becomes imbued with the culture and values of the people who keep it alive, and that may be more valuable. But let’s get on to the story. The Epic of Sundiata begins with Sunniati’s eventual father King Magon of the now small Kingdom of Mali.

Magon known as the most handsome man in all the land and already married with a son. But, one day a hunter and soothsayer appear had his court and prophesizes that if Magon marries an ugly woman, he will father a great king. Later, several hunters present an extremely ugly and misshapen woman to the king so ugly In fact, she is called the buffalo woman, but I’ll be polite and call her by her real name Socolow.

Magon, decides to beat the soothsayers advice and marry Socolow who bears him his son Sundiata and several daughters, but the boy is born crippled and unable to walk, not deterred by this Magon grants Sundiata his own gripped Bala so he can learn the ways of a king Morgan’s first wife’s satsuma resents his marriage to Socolow and when the king dies, so Suma ensures that her son Dunker on takes the throne of Mali rather than Sundiata.

The Lion King 2 Characters and Voice Actors

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The new king and his mother ridicule. SO, Cologne and her children and generally act like complete jerks to wear them. Sundiata now age seven sees his mother’s distress and decides to walk the stands by pushing on an iron bar. So, forcefully that it bends into a boat and thus is able to stand and walk on his own.

The Sundiata his newfound strength makes him a threat to doc Ron’s throne and realizing his son is in danger. So, gloam decides to flee with her children. But, not before Satsuma since the Gree Obala and Sundiata, half-sister Nana to the kingdom of Soso. Sundiata and his family stay among the neighboring kingdoms for a number of years. During this time Sundiata grows stronger and stronger and gains great wisdom from the people of the various kingdoms.

Sundiata’s Kingdom Strength

Sundiata grows so strong and wise. He has made heir to the kingdom of Mema. But, one day the evil sorcerer Sumoto content the king of Soso invades Molly Donker. Ron and his mother’s Satsuma flee the kingdom and fear leaving it defenseless against Sumo. Hearing of this Sundiata decides that last The time has come to reclaim his kingdom. With the help of the neighboring kingdoms who supported him in exile.

He faces Sumo dos forces in several battles, but the evil sorcerer seems to be invincible before the final battle. Sundiata reunited with Bala and Nana who have escaped Soso The secret of Sumo knows weakness. Sundiata takes their advice and in the following battle is able to hit Sumoto with an arrow tip with the rooster sperm killing the evil sorcerer and soon after his forces are defeated Sundiata reclaims his rightful place on the throne of Mali and unifies the neighboring kingdoms who helped him creating the great empire of Mali which is heirs rule for centuries after him.

And, I should mention this includes soon the artist descendant Mansa Musa, the multi King thought to be the richest man in history. Like most stories passed down orally, there are many versions and variations of the epic of Sundiata. And, the quick summary that I just told you would not be exactly like the version you know. But for those unfamiliar with the tale, I hope it at least gave you the general gist of it.

Disney’s The Lion King doesn’t follow the epic of Sundiata exactly. But, there are some definite parallels. Most notably the way the young king exiled after his father dies only to return years later to reclaim his kingdom with the help of his friends in exile and a wise magical guide. Another detail that shouldn’t be overlooked that Sundiata referred to as the Lion of Mali.

Lion King’s Research

It seems likely that if the writers of The Lion King did any research into African stories for their script. They would have come across the story of a lion child who becomes a great Lion-King. It also argued that the story of The Lion-King meant to feel like an age-old tale. And thus uses some very archetypal elements that show up in many myths and legends from a wide variety of cultures.

Some of the Lion Kingstory devices parallel Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, which is itself an amalgam of many myths and legends from all over the world. Either way, this video mainly meant to give you an idea of the story of Sundiata and how the Lion-King parallels a true African epic.

If nothing else, I hope the popularity of The Lion King inspires more people to look into the epic of Sundiata and other traditional African tales. But, what do you think? The story of The Lion King inspired by the epic of Sundiata and somewhat Tezuka drunkle Emperor manga? Let me know Do you think in the comments below?

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The Lion King 2 film Cast

Directed by: Darrell Rooney, Rob LaDuca
Produced by: Jeannine Roussel
Screenplay by: Flip Kobler, and Cindy Marcus
Starring: Matthew Broderick, Neve Campbell, Andy Dick, Robert Guillaume, James Earl Jones, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane, Jason Marsden, Suzanne Pleshette, and Ernie Sabella.
Music by: Nick Glennie-Smith
Edited by: Peter Lonsdale
Production Company: Walt Disney Video Premiere, Walt Disney Television Animation, and Walt Disney Animation Australia,
Distributed by: Walt Disney Home Video
Release date: October 27, 1998
Running time: 82 Minutes
Country: United States and Australia
Budgeted: $260 Mil.


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