Poster for the movie baby genius movie
Poster for the movie baby genius movie

Baby Geniuses (1999)

PG 97 min - Science Fiction, Comedy, Family - 12 March 1999
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Baby Geniuses: Scientist hold talking, super-intelligent babies captive, but things take a turn for the worse when a mix-up occurs between a baby genius and its twin.

Director:  Bob Clark


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Baby Geniuses: Scientist hold talking, super-intelligent babies captive, but things take a turn for the worse when a mix-up occurs between a baby genius and its twin.

Tagline: Think innocent. Think helpless. Think again. Naps are history.


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Language:  English
Release Date:  12 March 1999

Box Office

Budget:  $12,000,000
Revenue:  $36,450,736

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Runtime:  1 h 37 min

Baby Geniuses Full Movie 1999

Baby Geniuses: Two researchers, Dr Elena Kinder (Kathleen Turner) and Dr Heep (Christopher Lloyd), use virtuoso child

concentrates on supporting BabyCo’s amusement park “Joyworld”. As indicated by Dr Kinder’s examination on little children/babies,

babies are conceived having immense, all-inclusive information and talk a mystery yet difficult to-interpret infant pre-language called Babymantalk.

Be that as it may, at age 2–3, the news and language are lost as the infants traverse by figuring out how to communicate in human dialects.

The more significant part of the children brought up in Dr Kinder’s underground look into office was embraced from the Pasadena City

shelter changed into little prodigies through the utilisation of the Kinder Method, and afterwards utilised in trials to disentangle this mystery

yet difficult to-interpret language employed by the seven child masters.

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The Wicked Child

One wicked little child, Sylvester (the just one of her babies raised employing the utilisation of the powerful rendition of the Kinder Method),

nicknamed “Shrewd”, makes rehashed endeavours to escape Dr Kinder’s examination office. One night, Sylvester goes into

a diaper truck and succeeds.

Baby Genius Film

Even though Sylvester and Whit share a telepathic bond, every ha no thought of the other’s presence. The gatekeepers from

Dr Kinder’s examination office catch Whit, confusing him with Sylvester, and return him to Dr Kinder’s exploration office.

Sylvester is brought home by Whit’s received mother, Robin (Kim Cattrall), who is Dr Kinder’s niece. Dr Kinder and the six other infant

prodigies are stunned that Whit and Sylvester exchanged places at the shopping centre; however, Dr Kinder becomes energised and

starts to consider his to be a chance to do a cross assessment on the twins. In any case, when she comes to Dan Bobbin’s

(Peter MacNicol) place, she understands that Dan can get babies. After the endeavours to recover Sylvester come up short, Dr Kinder

chooses to move the exploration office to Liechtenstein and they get no opportunity however cause Whit to be the typical primary child to be

brought up in this examination office until they can locate a potential method to get Sylvester back to her examination office.

Infant baby geniuses full movie

The infants at Bobbin’s place spellbind Lenny (Dom DeLuise), the transport driver to drive to Dr Kinder’s examination office.

Once at the exploration office, Sylvester goes to the control space to set the robots from the amusement park on the lab researchers.

At the point when the Bobbins come back, their regular little girl Carrie discloses to her dad that the youngsters are in Dr Kinder’s

examination office. Toward the finish of the battle, Dr Kinder catches Whit and takes him to the helicopter cushion on the rooftop.

Robin and Dan pursue them to the roof, where Dr Kinder uncovers that she and Robin are not related and that Robin was received at

age two. After the police capture dr Kinder, Sylvester and Whit meet up on the rooftop to traverse.

Dan and Robin receive Sylvester. What’s more, Dr Heep is presently responsible for Dr Kinder’s Research office. Dan is as yet curious of

the privileged insights of life; be that as it may, as the twins have traversed, they never again know those insider facts. Carrie,

their sister doesn’t uncover anything (simply giving her father a wily grin) since grown-ups aren’t intended to know their insider facts.


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