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A Star Is Born (1954)

PG 176 min - Drama, Music, Romance - 29 September 1954
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A Star Is Born: A movie star helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Director:  George Cukor
Stars:  Judy Garland, James Mason, Jack Carson, Charles Bickford, Tommy Noonan, Lucy Marlow, Amanda Blake, Irving Bacon, Hazel Shermet, Lotus Robb, Bess Flowers, Mae Marsh, William H. O'Brien, Dub Taylor


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A Star Is Born: A movie star helps a young singer/actress find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

Tagline: The applause of the world... and then this!

Genres: Drama, Music, Romance


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Language:  English
Release Date:  29 September 1954

Box Office

Budget:  $5,019,770
Revenue:  $4,335,968

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Runtime:  2 h 56 min

A Star is Born Movie

A star is born: Jackson “Jack” Maine, a well-known united states rock singer privately battling an alcohol and drug dependency, performs a live performance.

his most important assist is bobby, his supervisor, and older half-brother. after a display, jack, looking for his next drink, visits a drag bar wherein he witnesses a tribute overall performance to Edith Piaf, through an ally, a waitress and singer-songwriter.

jack is surprised by her overall performance, and they spend the night talking to every different, where best friend discloses to him her unsuccessful efforts in pursuing an expert music career. ally shares with jack a few lyrics she has been operating on,

and jack tells ally she is a talented songwriter and has to perform her personal fabric. jack invitations ally to his subsequent display. no matter her initial refusal she attends and,

with jack’s encouragement, sings “shallow” on stage with him. jack invites ally to move on an excursion with him, and that they shape a romantic courting. in Arizona,

best friend and jack visit the ranch in which jack grew up and wherein his father is buried, best to find out that bobby sold the land and it changed into transformed to a wind farm.

A Star is Born Judy Garland

angered at his betrayal, jack punches bobby, who finally quits as his supervisor. earlier than doing so, Bobby reveals that he did inform jack about the sale, however, jack becomes too inebriated to observe.

at the same time as on tour, ally meets rez, a document manufacturer who offers her a settlement. despite the fact that visibly stricken, jack nonetheless helps her decision.

rez refocuses ally away from the tune of the united state and in the direction of pop. jack misses one in all best friend’s performances after he passes out under the influence of alcohol in public;

he recovers at the house of his exceptional pal George “noodles” stone and later makes up with ally. there he proposes to ally with an impromptu ring made from a loop of a guitar string, and they’re married that same day at a church ministered by using a relative of noodles.

throughout ally’s overall performance on Saturday night time live, bobby reconciles with the jack. later, jack and ally combat after he drunkenly voices his disapproval of ally’s new photograph and music,

that is nominated for three Grammy awards. at the Grammys, a visibly intoxicated jack performs in a tribute to Roy Orbison, and ally wins the great new artist award.

whilst she is going up on level to acquire her award, jack staggers up to her, where he publicly wets himself and passes out. best friend’s father, Lorenzo,

berates a semi-conscious jack, whilst best friend attempts to help jack sober up. jack joins a rehabilitation program rapidly thereafter. jack recovers in rehab for about two months,

where he discloses to his counselor that he tried suicide while he turned into 13 years vintage. he also mentions that he has tinnitus, which has been getting worse.

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jack tearfully apologizes to best friend for his behavior and returns domestic. best friend asks to bring jack to carry out along with her ECU tour; rez refuses,

prompting the best friend to cancel the rest of the excursion so she will care for jack. rez later confronts jack, accusing him of being washed-up and of preserving ally back.

that nighttime, ally lies to jack and tells him that her report label has canceled her excursion so she will be able to attend on her 2nd album.

jack guarantees that he will come to her concert that night time, however after best friend leaves, he hangs himself of their storage. best friend,

grief-bothered and inconsolable after jack’s suicide, is visited via bobby, who explains that the suicide changed into jack’s personal selection and it turned into not her fault.

the final scenes screen a flashback of jack operating on music approximately his love for a best friend which he had not completed. best friend sings this tune as a tribute to jack, introducing herself for the primary time as ally Maine.

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